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About Me

I was born in Greenville. Growing up, I was considered the country girl, but personally, I've always considered myself more of a naturist. You can find my fascination with the way nature works in my art, but also in the choices I make about my life... natural remedies, energy, listening to one's body and balance – what you put out in the world is what you get back.

My Work, My Influences, My Style

Everything I create is influenced by what I experience all around me. The birds I hear in the morning, the plants I tend in the afternoon, and the animals I see. Even though I'm in a downtown suburb, I'm still graced with nature, from my pets to the foxes and bears roaming around me.

My work is simple - trying to represent what we experience in life - both externally and internally. People are layers - nothing is perfect. There's something special in that notion, and it connects well to use my love of textures to represent the layers of humanity. 

I'm used to working with professionals, architects, interior designers, decorators, and the like to help cultivate a vision. But sometimes, they prefer to send me to talk to the customer directly, speak in their terms, merge their ideas, and help develop the concept. So however you'd like to work together - let's do it. 


These are great charity programs that I regularly support with art donations. I highly recommend checking them out!

Walt's Waltz
Triune's Mercy Center's Peace Event Fundraiser
Chandler Learning Disability School
BMW Pro Am
Greenville High Oyster Roast


I have a home studio that you're welcome to come explore. This studio is currently appointment only. Please email or call for an appointment.


Or you can find my art in the following galleries:

  • Urban Diggs

  • State of the Art Gallery {Caycee, SC}

  • Cafe West {Greenville, Oct-Dec} 

  • Greenville Center for Creative Arts {through May 2024}


I'm proud to announce my next home show will be Oct 25-Nov 4 from 11am-6pm at 25 Pinehurst Greenville, SC 29609. 


Subscribe to our emails if you'd like to get an event reminder.


For the past 8 years, I've been hosting a bi-annual show with 25-30 local artists.

We include a range of art mediums such as painting, pottery, handmade items...etc.


Our next date is Sunday, Oct 1. Follow along our Artist Next Door instagram page to stay up-to-date on who is participating each year.





Artists Next Door

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