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Portfolio & Commission Pieces

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With my art, you're getting a part of me, and the joy I feel translated into a piece of work. And in turn, I hope what draws your eye to certain pieces is that I've made you feel something through the work. 

Take a look at our online inventory, schedule a date to come visit the studio, or if you have something you're looking for, reach out about a custom piece.



The colors in the world you interact with daily create certain vibes, and I try to depict those feelings and emotions in paintings. When you see a piece of rust, it makes you feel a certain way; maybe it makes you think about how even though it takes a while, the rust eventually breaks down and goes into the earth. That cycle - that emotion - that's what I seek to capture in my work.

Mixed Media

My mixed media is inspired from when I built theater sets and flipped houses; from those experiences, I would touch different pieces I could see a way to breathe new life into. When I look at mixed media pieces, it's about developing something I can revitalize into new creations. This is why my art often resembles nature scenes. I represent nature's different cycles and changes through the materials I cultivate and utilize.

Stained Glass

I look at glass as art and a trade. Since I draw and paint, it's just another medium to translate. It's art in your house and can go in many different places, expanding the spots to where you can put art. You can put it outside. On your window. On your wall. On furniture. It can be aesthetic, or it can be functional. It's another piece in other spaces to bring you joy.


For me, doors are similar to stained glass art in that they are often functional art. Creating custom doors is a way to be unique, to bring a piece of you into a functional space. It can be used in your kitchen, laundry room,  cabinets, windows, etc. It's another way to show your style and make your space more "you." 


Looking for someone to execute your vision?  I love working with clients to design a custom stained glass piece for their home or business. Let's start a conversation about bringing your piece to life!

25 Pinehurst Dr, Greenville, SC 29609  /  Tel. (704) 576-0586

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